Tote Bags that are Perfect for Work (and everything else)

Call me crazy but I have pretty high expectations when it comes to my work tote bag. I know, I know – but hear me out. My expectations are high because my trusted tote isn’t only used during the weekdays from 9-5, this bag is my go-to  “carry all” for practically everything: running errands, meetings, catching a workout, shopping, lunch dates, travelling – you name it.

Criteria for my bag of choice are simple:

  • Structured
  • Simple (tassels? jewels? bold branding? No thank you)
  • Can carry my 13″ Macbook air
  • + a book and/or notebook
  • + room for an extra pair of shoes (when needed)
  • Compartments, although not necessary are an added bonus
  • Top zipper – also an added bonus
  • Handle(s) that can hang comfortably on my suitcase

Below are a few of my favourite totes of the moment that meet my requirements and have fabulous reviews. With almost all of them ringing in under $250 (six under $100!) and available in multiple colours, they are worth a second glance.

Madewell, The Transport Leather Tote
Dagne Dover, Signature Legend Tote
Everlane, The Day Market Tote
Everlane, The Day Market Tote
Banana Republic, Portfolio Knotted Phone-Charging Italian Leather Tote
Cuyana, Classic Structured Leather Tote
Madewell, the paintstripe transport tote
Madewell, The Paintstripe Transport Tote

Under $100: 

Street Level, Reversible Faux Leather Tote & Wristlet
Sole Society, Harley Faux Leather Tote
Indigo, Heather Tote
Gap, Large Tote
Old Navy, Faux-Leather Tote
Pixie Mood, Alicia Tote

Which one is your favourite tote? Do you have a trusted tote bag that isn’t listed here? Share in the comments!


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  1. Excellent, interesting post!

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