Interview with Lauren Reyes-Grange

Originally posted on Cynthia Reyes :
? I’ve been wanting to interview my co-author, Lauren Reyes-Grange. But how do you do that when she is your daughter, as well as the person who inspired the first Myrtle the Purple Turtle book? I decided to put on my professional interviewer’s hat — after all, I’d done thousands…

Business Travel Tips

I travel often for work. Some may find this tiresome or stressful.. which I did at first, but I’ve found a way to make work travel fun by playing to my strengths – planning and organizing how I prepare and pack. Here are some fail-proof travel hacks I live by. 1. Invest in quality carry-on…

I Wrote a Book: Myrtle’s Game

Nearly 30 years ago, my mum wrote a story to bring me comfort during a time I was bullied at school for being “different”. The story, Myrtle the Purple Turtle, was published last year and instantly became a best seller. My mum and I travelled to schools all over Ontario, speaking with kids about their…

11 Apps That Are Changing The Way We Work, Learn, Travel and Live

Whether you’re looking for a new way to make managing your finances easier, your work day more productive, your travels more organized or you’re interested in learning something new or perhaps you want to strengthen your romantic connection with your partner, here are 11 mobile apps that will change the way you work, learn and…

How to use Goodreads to Promote your Book

With 75 million members, 2.2 billion books added and over 77 million book reviews, Goodreads is the world’s largest social media platform for readers and book recommendations. Since Goodreads is a book lovers’ hot spot, it only makes sense that authors and book publishers leverage this platform to promote their books.

10 Books Perfect for a Summer Vacation

Looking for a great new summer read that is perfect for the beach, a weekend at the cottage or simply a good book that will transport you to Tuscany or the Amalfi Coast during your morning commute? Here are 10 new novels I’m excited to read, by authors Tomi Adeyemi, Anna Yen, Lauren Weisberger, Franchesca…

5 Tips For Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

Whether you’re in the midst of looking for a new job or your LinkedIn profile is out of date, here are some simple tips on how to improve your LinkedIn profile and make it standout amongst the rest.

Food for Thought: Rejection

They say it happens to the best of us. It makes our skin thicker. It makes us value the joy of acceptance all that more. Blah, blah, blah. Rejection absolutely sucks. 

10 Beautiful Cookbooks Every Cook Will Love

Whether you’re looking to purchase a cookbook to help expand your culinary repertoire or you’re simply looking for a new book to brighten up your coffee table, here’s a list of my favourite beautiful cookbooks that are filled with delicious recipes and drool-worthy photos.