Business Travel Tips

I travel often for work. Some may find this tiresome or stressful.. which I did at first, but I’ve found a way to make work travel fun by playing to my strengths – planning and organizing how I prepare and pack. Here are some fail-proof travel hacks I live by.

1. Invest in quality carry-on luggage. In my experience, avoiding having to check your luggage is key to smooth sailing through the airport. I also find limiting myself to a carry-on forces me to “pack with purpose”, plan my outfits better and keep my tendency-to-overpack in check.

AWAY Luggage, The Carry-On

2. Have everything you need at your finger tips with a great carry-all bag. Travelling for work likely means you’re carrying a laptop with you. Since you’ll need to show this at security, it’s important that you have your laptop and other electronics easily accessible. Also keep in mind things you’ll need easy access to while you’re in the air. A great carry-all that can keep all these things stored and accessible that you can also fit under your seat is key. My carry-all bag is the everywhere bag by Away luggage. It has plenty of compartments, including a sleek under bag compartment for shoes. It fits perfectly over my carry-on for no-fuss moving through the airport but also works as my meeting appropriate, carry-all bag for work, too.


3. Keep weight in mind. Just because everything fits in your carry-on bag(s), doesn’t mean it is within the airline’s weight limits. I recommend checking your airline’s website for all luggage restrictions (or check-out this helpful website that has curated the restrictions of over 170 airlines) and invest in a small digital scale. A small digital scale that fits in the side pocket of your carry-all bag can help you avoid costly charges for a suitcase over the airline’s weight limit.

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 10.41.06 AM

4. Pack smart with packing cubes. God bless whoever came up with packing cubes! Since purchasing, I haven’t gone on a trip without these space savers. I am able to pack so much more efficiently and when I get to my destination, it’s so easy to keep my clothes/outfits organized.

Black Packing Cubes

5. Carry a small bag with your flight essentials that you can keep at your seat. My “bag of tricks” is what I call mine. This little bag stores everything I will need for my flight (in travel size): wet wipes, hand sanitizer, Kleenex, snacks, my Sage pharmacy kit, moisturizer, Motrin, some makeup, a sheet mask, eye mask, cellphone charger, headphones, a pen, Listerine strips, bags of tea.. I could go on. Once my carry-all is situated under my seat, my bag of tricks stays in my lap for the entire flight.

The Seatback Organizer, Beis

6. A refillable bottle. My S’well bottle rarely leaves my side in my every day life and travel is no exception. Plus as any traveller knows, airplanes can be incredibly dry. I always fill up my water bottle post-security and feel no shame in asking the flight attendant for a refill when they are strolling by my seat. The best thing about S’well bottles is they keep your water cold for 24 hours.


7. Download the airline app. From accessing your ticket and flight information to inflight entertainment, these apps are typically pretty helpful. Just make sure you download the app before you board your flight.

WestJet Connect
WestJet Connect

8. Pack a blanket scarf. The temperature on a plane can turn freezing super quick. My trusted blanket scarf has saved the day many times.

Diamond Mosaic Blanket Scarf, Wilfred

9. Inflatable neck pillow. Takes up less room in your bag and can also act as a hands-free phone podium if you choose to watch a movie during your flight.

Inflatable Neck Support Pillows

10. Get Nexus. Travelling to the US used to stress me right out, but with my handy Nexus pass I am through security in a fraction of the time.

So there you have it. My go-to business travel tips. What tips do you have for travelling? Share in the comments!

lauren reyes-grange

Business Travel TIps
Business Travel Tips, Tricks and Hacks


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  1. pauladee4 says:

    As a fellow traveller, I concur. Great tips!

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  2. Great tips for any traveler! I sometimes miss business travel. Travel safely!

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    1. I think you’re right, these tips can be used for business and leisure travel. Wishing you safe (leisure) travels, too!


  3. Excellent advice, given in practical doses. Thank you!

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  4. Life hasn’t put me on a plane in quite some time, but these are great tips to know whenever I might be flying again.

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