Job Interview: 10 Questions to ask the Interviewer

You’ve received the call. Your dream job has invited you (yes, you) in for an interview. Congrats! Do you know how many people likely applied for the job? You’ve made it to the shortlist, my friend. This is an accomplishment on its own.

Hopefully you’ve already done your research on the organization. You can speak to their latest initiatives/campaigns, you have a good idea as to why you want to work there and how they would benefit from hiring you. If not, get to it.

In addition to prepping for the commonly asked interview questions, it’s important that you have questions for the hiring manager or interviewer as well. This not only shifts the focus from you to them (insert sigh of relief) but it also shows them just how interested you are in joining the team.

Here are 10 questions that have helped me during job interviews:

  1. Why is this role vacant?
  2. How will you measure if the person in this role is successful?
  3. What qualities or traits do you value in a strong teammate/employee?
  4. What are the biggest challenges the team/department has encountered?
  5. Where do you envision the organization in the next 5 years? And how will this impact the team/department?
  6. What kind of flexible work arrangements does the organization offer its employees?
  7. Why do you like working here and what is one thing you would change about the organization?
  8. How are employees supported and motivated by their manager?
  9. What is the typical career path for someone in this role?
  10. What is your timeline in terms of next steps?

Remember, they aren’t only interviewing you. An interview provides you the opportunity to get more familiar with the company and determine if this is in fact your dream job. Either way, interviews are a great opportunity to learn, network and practice speaking about your skill-set/work experience. I wish you luck!

What questions do you ask in an interview? Or if you’re the hiring manager, what questions stood out to you? Share them in the comments!

lauren reyes grange

10 Questions to Ask the Interviewer
Job Interview: 10 Questions to Ask the Interviewer

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  1. Lavinia Ross says:

    Those are good questions, Lauren. I’m semi-retired now, and it’s been a while since I worked a job requiring a real interview. I wish I had asked more questions way back then.


    1. Thanks, Lavinia 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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