What to do in Creemore, Ontario

If you’re a fan of Canadian designer, Sarah Richardson, you’re likely familiar with Creemore, Ontario. If not, Creemore is a whimsical town nestled into the breathtaking Niagara Escarpment and is located about 2 hours north of Toronto. Its countryside is filled with large heritage homes, farms, ponds, creeks, and many, many rolling hills – which according to my husband and my Dad, makes Creemore a cycling aficionado’s dream ride. Hop in the car and you’re about a 5-10 minute drive from one of the most lovely downtown villages I’ve ever visited (and coming from this small-town-country raised gal, that says a lot).

If you find yourself planning either a day trip or weekend getaway to Creemore, I am thrilled to share my favourite Creemore main street spots with you.

Where to eat: Bank Cafe 

Bank Cafe, Creemore

For breakfast and/or lunch, I recommend “Bank Cafe“. This quaint spot isn’t lacking in charm. From their homemade pink lemonade, to their yummy paninis, salads and “best ever” carrot cake, you won’t be disappointed. Ask your server to tell you about the cafe’s history. In short, it is a historic landmark that was once the Toronto Bank 1896, hence the clever name.

Where to eat: Chez Michel 

Chez Michel, Creemore

For brunch, lunch and/or dinner, I recommend “Chez Michel“. We liked this french cuisine restaurant so much we had lunch and dinner there all in one day. Not only is the food absolutely delicious (and farm to table fresh) but the service is fine dining quality, which you wouldn’t assume given the relaxed setting. Chez Michel is definitely one of the fancier restaurants in downtown Creemore, so think “premium casual dining” when determining your ensemble for supper.

Where to shop: Heirloom 142 & Lagom 142 

Heirloom 142, Creemore

I loved practically all of the stores along downtown Creemore, but my favourite would be Heirloom 142 and its neighbouring sister store Lagom 142. The husband and wife shop owners make you feel right at home in these stores that are filled with Scandinavian inspired treasures new and old. Think: antiques, textiles, pottery, art, paint, home decor, books, and more.

Where to drink: Creemore Springs Brewery 

Creemore Springs Brewery, Creemore

Creemore is home to Creemore Springs Brewery. In addition to a sweet patio overlooking Mill Street, the beer samples are free :). We didn’t get a chance to attend a tour of the brewery, but I’ve heard those are tons of fun, too. If you’re a beer enthusiast and are thinking of visiting Creemore this summer, plan on visiting during the Copper Kettle Festival on Saturday August 25th, 2018 where “Folks will enjoy live music, great food and drink, brewery tours, a local makers market, kids’ activities, classic cars & much more!”

Where to stay: Angel House Bed & Breakfast 

Angel House Bed & Breakfast, Creemore

We had the privilege of staying at a friend’s farmhouse just outside of town, but the Angel House Bed & Breakfast looks adorable and has some good reviews on Trip Advisor, too.

Have you been to Creemore? What were your favourite spots? 

lauren reyes grange

What to do in Creemore, Ontario
Photo Credits: Creemore.comBankcafecreemore.comelegantluxelife.com, TripAdvisor.com, Basiaregan.com

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  1. Lavinia Ross says:

    Creemore looks like a beautiful little town, Lauren. That bed & breakfast looks like the perfect place to stay.

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